Adjustable Rate Mortgage – Is It Right For You?

With rates on fixed-rate mortgages climbing, a new focus is forming on adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). A new survey of 112 lenders by mortgage giant Freddie Mac, found that ARMs accounted for...


Orlando's home prices to drop by 14%

Fiserv and Moody's Analytics have recently reported that single-family home prices have leveled out in one of every four U.S. metro areas. Orlando MSA home prices are expected to drop 14% until at least October of 2011. Fiserv also reported that while other Florida markets are likely to see a small rise in home price by the third quarter of 2011, Orlando is looking like it will drop an additional 4%.

There are three metro areas forecasted to gain the largest home price increases of near 11% by 3rd quarter of 2012; Ocala, Palm Bay-Melbourne and Palm Coast.

Read the Orlando Sentinel article written by Mary Shanklin for more information.

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