20% of Florida homes are vacant

Well, we knew this was going to happen. Here's an article from CNNMoney.com.
It's not looking too bright for the home prices, but that doesn't mean you can't purchase a home. In fact, from our discussions with local realtors, they are busy! If you're in need of knowing what the true value of your home is right now, contact us at accreditedappraisals@gmail.com.

Just remembering the past...

Orlando Sales Data: November 2009

For those unconvinced that we’re now bumping along the bottom, the following data make interesting reading. Realtors are often accused of “talking up the market” - and on occasion they do - but I think these numbers speak for themselves. Click the following image to enlarge.

  • Orlando home sales in November 2009 were up 101.62 percent over November 2008; year-to-date sales are up 59.43 percent.

  • “Normal” sales made up 36.55 percent of sales in November, while 63.45 percent of sales were either bank-owned or short sales.

  • There are currently 8,633 pending sales, of which 3,023 were newly filed in November. There were 3,326 pending sales in November 2008.

  • The median price of all existing homes sold in November 2009 decreased 5.38 percent (to $123,000) when compared to October 2009 ($130,000) and decreased 25.90 percent compared to November 2008 ($166,00).

  • The median price for “normal” sales in November was $173,960; the median for bank-owned sales was $84,000; and the median price for short sales was $122,000.

  • Affordability climbed to 209.06 percent in November; first-time affordability increased to 148.66 percent.

  • The inventory level increased during the month of November by 259 homes to 16,002, and is currently 34.44 percent lower than November 2008. There is a 7.15-month of supply.

  • Year to date, Osceola County sales are up 106.84 percent; Orange is up 81.18 percent; Lake County is up 36.63 percent; and Seminole is up 28.18 percent.

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