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Orlando Sales Data: November 2009

For those unconvinced that we’re now bumping along the bottom, the following data make interesting reading. Realtors are often accused of “talking up the market” - and on occasion they do - but I think these numbers speak for themselves. Click the following image to enlarge.

  • Orlando home sales in November 2009 were up 101.62 percent over November 2008; year-to-date sales are up 59.43 percent.

  • “Normal” sales made up 36.55 percent of sales in November, while 63.45 percent of sales were either bank-owned or short sales.

  • There are currently 8,633 pending sales, of which 3,023 were newly filed in November. There were 3,326 pending sales in November 2008.

  • The median price of all existing homes sold in November 2009 decreased 5.38 percent (to $123,000) when compared to October 2009 ($130,000) and decreased 25.90 percent compared to November 2008 ($166,00).

  • The median price for “normal” sales in November was $173,960; the median for bank-owned sales was $84,000; and the median price for short sales was $122,000.

  • Affordability climbed to 209.06 percent in November; first-time affordability increased to 148.66 percent.

  • The inventory level increased during the month of November by 259 homes to 16,002, and is currently 34.44 percent lower than November 2008. There is a 7.15-month of supply.

  • Year to date, Osceola County sales are up 106.84 percent; Orange is up 81.18 percent; Lake County is up 36.63 percent; and Seminole is up 28.18 percent.

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